Please note that due to Mark doing personal work, he had taken off most of 2015-2017.


I've been concerned by my dog's lack of energy lately, and severe allergies. I signed up for an energy healing from Mark. Though he told me what
day he would work on her, I didn't know what time. I woke up in the morning and my dog had energy! She was happy and playful and I thought to
myself "wow! she has a lot of energy today!" Upon checking e-mail, I came to find out that Mark had done his long distance energy work on Stella
about 90 minutes before we got out of bed. It was amazing. Mark also mentioned to me that he sensed something about Stella's diet... that I
should look into the food I give her. Animal communicator Val Heart and a veterinarian both confirmed that Stella has developed an allergy to the
chicken I add to her food, and we should switch to another type of meat. If I have any concerns about Stella in the future, I will definitely call
on Mark.


I have been working hard on increasing my faith and trust in the Universe for Divine guidance and support as I experience a life transition. I found myself
in a place of fear and did not know what to do. I did not want to create out of fear so I called Mark. While on the phone, he was able to shift my energy
through Theta Healing and channeling through spirit. I immediately felt grounded and have remained in a state of peace. Mark is a gifted energy healer &
very loving man who creates a safe & nurturing space for healing of mind, body & spirit. Love, May 2014, Kaye, NW

Thank you for all your help! The session we had has created a shift within me; whereas, I no longer wake up dreading
the day and feeling overwhelmed. I now wake up feeling joyful and ready to face the day with ease. The other
breakthrough is with the relationship issues between my husband and I. The tools that you provided have made it
where we are experiencing a fulfilling and harmonious relationship that we all deserve to have. I cannot thank you
enough for enriching my (our) life (lives) by making it so much better! Blessings, May 2014, G, FL

I was having a problem of feeling defensive in a relationship with a certain person in my life. I tried the tools I had in
my own tool box using EFT and the Emotion Code and although I made progress, I was unable to let it all go. After just
one session with Mark it was gone. Poof! The defensiveness feeling was completely gone and I haven't felt it since.
Thanks Mark for all that you do! Hugs!, April 2014, Christine, FL

Mark is a loving & compassionate healer who uses great focus & attention with his clients.  I felt safe while on a soul
journey & he gave me assurance that I was always in control.  Thank you Mark for your kindness.  Linda 2013, Linda,

I had a past life regression with Mark.    He created a very safe environment so that I was able to relax very deeply,
that helped me to travel to my past life as a little boy.  Mark was really patient when it was difficult for me to go on
and guided me gently trough my journey.  Thank you so much Mark fro this life changing journey.  With lots of love
Elza.  2013, Falasjo Sweden

During a difficult time, where I was just diagnosed with breast cancer, Mark performed a remote, healing on me. 
He did not give me a specific time when the healing would be performed but below was my experience:  The time
period from the diagnosis and the double mastectomy, I continually prayed early in the morning prior to going to work.
This was a time, I shared my fear, love, and hope to the divine thorough Jesus. I was struggling with faith and the fear
of the surgery and the outcome along with the impact on my loved ones. During this particular morning while praying,
a shift happened when I was praying and I realized I was no longer scared. I was not scared of the surgery, whether the
cancer had spread to my lymph nodes, nor if I lived or died. I knew whatever the outcome I and my loved ones would
be OK. This was liberating and peaceful. My heart was full of joy because I was no longer scared and no matter what I
was loved by God and everyone including me was going to be OK. During that day, when I was interacting with
co-workers, I had comments that I looked peaceful and happy and they could not believe I was doing so well with
everything that was ahead of me.

That evening, I received an e-mail from Mark. He indicated he performed the remote healing, chelation, on me
that morning early with the specific time. He cleared my heart chakra of fear along with tuning it up since it was
opening and closing. It just so happened when Mark was performing the healing, I was in prayer. This particular
chelation removed the fear and helped me to move forward with the surgery with the knowing/expectation/answer
everything was going to be fine.

I highly recommend receiving a healing from Mark. He is sensitive and intuitive. I would not have been able to face
the road ahead of me without his help. Thank you, Mark from the bottom of my open heart. Love, light, and hope.
2012, Tracy

I had a remote energy healing from Mark Rawson 2 weeks ago as I was sleeping.  When I woke up my mind was clear,
not scrambled as it was for a few weeks before.  I am able to continue my work in a positive fashion that has been
a benefit to myself and my family.  Thank you Mark you have a enormous healing ability.  Keep up the good work.
Michele S, Oct 4, 2011

It is always a pleasure to work with Mark. I find him to be very professional and insightful.   2011, Courtney L

I wanted to thank you for the work, and all the help you have given me, in this difficult times, I also wanted to let
you know that the work you did on my third chakra has make a change in my relationship with my mother, I have
not fight with her and she has been her for 2 full weeks, also all the comments and things that she does that will
fire me up, haven't been bugging me, and I do think it's because of your support and the work you did on me. It
has been great to meet such a positive influence on my life and such a good friend.   2011, Gabriela D

Mark is a sensitive and caring healer with the wonderful ability to read a person's energy field from very great
distances. When he did a Chelation on me in Australia he was able to very accurately determine the state that
all of my chakras were in and lovingly cleared and energized them. I thoroughly recommend Mark's services to
anyone. 2011, Gael N
I was having quite a bit of marital problems and experiencing a ton of fear about being alone and abandoned.
The day you gave me a Chelation I finally was able to let go of that fear and suddenly knew that no matter how
things turn out I will be ok. Thank you, Mark, for helping me to find so much peace during this difficult time. I
wish you well in your healing endeavor. I am sure you will be incredibly successful. 2011, Lois W
Mark did a remote energy session on me. He went above and beyond my expectations. We talked on the phone
for an hour beforehand. He figured out what was the cause of my block in sensing (he explained the past life
issue) and gave me clear direction in what I can do to remove the block. He also gave me some really great
advice on things to expect and how to protect myself. I really appreciate all the healing energy and assistance
he sent my way! 2011, Jeanneane K 
When I asked Mark to help me with healing and reading I wasn't sure how it would work. I am now AMAZED at
how accurate it was and how it helped me heal in more ways than I thought it could.  Mark not only helped
me and my son he went beyond his call of duty to reach out to me and help, I feel great!  I feel blessed to have
found Mark. Thank you SO much for everything. 2011, Ana G
Mark's energy and healing power is profound! I felt amazing, light, and free from the issue that was plaguing
me. Wonderful healer, I would recommend anyone that need to heal contact Mark.  2011, Natoya H
Mark, Thank you for working on me.  When I had contacted you, I was severely depressed.  You were very
right on with things in my 2nd chakra, and i did know my heart was closed. A day after you had emailed you
worked on my i had a dramatic shift in my mood.  I was laughing again and happy again. Thank You.  
2011, Shelly C