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Change in the way that I work--

If it has been a while since you have been to this page, I have changed the way I work.  In the past, you would choose
tools from a menu of choices.  Most of the time, people were not sure what would be the best tool to choose
.  Also I found
that once I started to work with people, spirit would have me do other work.   This would always be done with the person's
permission.  I also found that Spirit would want me to do more than one
tool when working with someone.


So how do I work now?  Once you pay for the appt and we set a time, I will connect with you and talk.  Spirit will tell me
what tools to use.  I will get your permission before I do the work.  Here is a list of tools that I will use:

* Deeksha (Oneness Blessing)  Free (Single, Remote, Group)  Click here to find out more.

* Past Life Regression

* Remote Pet Healing work (3 sessions) 

* Reiki Healer (Level I and II). Holy Fire Reiki (Level I and II) 2018

* Chakra Meditations, Chakra Readings, Chakra Clearing and Balance

* Magnified  Healing  

* Angel or Arch Angel Work 

* Remote healing work 

* Prayer work  

* Custom Journey meditation

* Theta Healing (Basic and Advanced)

* Intuitive guidance and channelling  

* Technical Business guidance and support  

* Spiritual path guidance

* Soul Coaching, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Business Coach

* Guided Meditations 

* Mediumship 

* Oracle card readings

* Reconnective Healing  


Session can go from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  I can work in person or remote.

I use tools like conference calls so that I can record your sessions for you, or tools like Face time or Skype. 


One session of work with Mark: Remote or local $88.00
During this time, Mark will do one of or some of the services listed above as directed by spirit and with your ok.


Please book an appointment before you pay for any services.