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Mark Rawson

Let me tell you how my journey began.

As I look back on my life, I find I have always been open to many different experiences and ideas.  However, it was finally at
the age of 43 that my life took a major turn.  Prior to this, like most men, for the most part I was driven by my career.  After
my 43rd birthday, I found that climbing the success ladder was not so important to me.  My passion had become my Spiritual

On April 3, 2009, I had just heard on the radio a woman called Mary Occhino.  She was on Sirius satellite radio and did a
show M-F (7am-10am EST) called "Angels On Call".  She is a Psychic.  To my surprise at the time, not only did she care about
people, but there is also no limit to her heart.  What really got me excited about her show was the fact that she had a part of
her show called rapid fire.  She takes one call every 20 seconds and does one reading.  Tons of people called in and gave her
feedback on all the readings that she had done for them in the past and how it became true.  These are called validations.


Being the type of person that I am, I like to do my research, so I went to the Internet and searched for her name to find
anything related to fraud about her.  I found nothing bad about her.  What I did find was very interesting.  I found a web
site called timmysgift.org a web site that no longer exists was created by a father who had lost his son at a very young age. 
This father then went out and spent tons of money seeing lots of psychics around the world to make contact with his baby
boy.  His web site has a web page that has a listing of some of the best psychics that he worked with and what it is like to
do a reading with these key people.  I have included his web site link on my web site as he has a lot of great resources on
his web site.


I researched all the people that he had listed on his site and found one that I wanted to work with.  I had decided to spend
the money to do a phone reading with this person.  Her name was Jackie Lopez, and her web site is
During the reading she told me that 1) I would not be happy until I started my own business and stopped working for other
people, and 2) that I was very psychic myself.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but after much research I found
information to read to learn more.  This was a very laborious process for me and took a very long time.  I created this web
site in order to help you find things easier.


Once I had a reading with Jackie, I started to read one book after the next.  In two months, I had read 37 books.  The irony
in this is that I am a true movie person and have never read much of anything unless it was mandatory for school or work. 

After the reading book part of my journey felt complete, it was only then that I found my first development circle.   
After doing a number of workshops over months, I asked the leader of the group if I could join the closed development circle. 
This is a group in which a person can work with supporting people to enhance, support and grow spiritual gifts.  I am still
moving forward and learning more each day.


You will find on your journey that if something is meant to be, things will unfold easily before you.  One exciting opportunity
will lead to another.  When it is not meant to be, you will hit many walls.  This translates into a broader sense in how life
works as well.


Enjoy your journey.   I am!!!  As always, remember that your journey in life is your own.  Do not try to force others to be
on your journey.   Enjoy life and remember that your words create the future.  This awesome power of words should be used

Listed below is some of the places that I have trained, what I call my spiritual resume.


I was a member of the Psychic and Mediumship Development Group of New Jersey. 

Senior Medium Training with John Holland, May 2010

Started my project and company to help Spiritual people with technology solutions.  June 2010

I have completed my Past-Life Therapy Professional Training with Brian L Weiss, M.D. and
Carole K. Weiss, MSW, CHt  2010


Angel Class with Max Ryan, Create heaven on earth- 6 weeks of angelic guidance.

Shaman training with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D Omega 2011

Have completed Deborah King online 4 levels of Energy training program which included on-site workshops in PA, GA, NJ,
NY, AZ and FL. 2010/2011


Janet Nohavec- Keys to Mediumship, Lily Dale, NY 2011


Master Harmony- Dahn Yoga Lineage- Training includes Ki-Gong, Meditation, and Yoga.  Training in Brain Wave Vibration
and also Healing Chakras studies from Ilchi Lee, 2011


Currently part of advanced healing training called level 5, working with Deborah King 21st Century Energy Medicine
Program.  2011-2012

Deborah King- The Power of Prayer, November and December 2011.  I am now a certified Prayer Practitioner.


Eric Pearl- The Reconnection Healing Level 1 and Level 2 training in Miami, FL Dec 2011.  I now have my certification to
do the Reconnection Healing work.


Eric Pearl- The Reconnection Level 3, training by Pat Atanas, Coral Springs FL Jan 2012.
I now have my certification to do the Reconnection.  This is meridian work.


Deborah King- Certified Spirit Guide Coach. May 2012


Deborah King- Certified specialist in book of life- Akashic Records. Oct 2012

Graduated from the Deborah King Program Level 5 and started the 6th level.  Dec 2012


Started Spiritual Connections Radio network with Pamela Latour, Jan 2013

Jeannie De Angelis- Magnified Healing Certification, February 2013 


Brigitte Boyea- Sacred Geometry, February 2013

Brigitte Boyea- Astral Travel Class, March 2013

Deborah King- Certified guide to the inner realm- Astral Travel. April 2013

Pamela Lord- Basic and Advanced Thetahealing Certification, April 2013

Denise Linn- Past Life Regression Certification and Soul Coaching Certification, May 2013


Maureen St. Germain- Beyond the Flower of Life- A Deep MerKaBa Immersion, July 2013 


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner & Rev Suzanne Champlin- Deeksha Giver Initiation Course- Clearwater, FL, March 2014


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner & Rev Suzanne Champlin- Oneness classes "Destiny/4 Baskets, Relationships, Bond with the Divine,
Ancestor Process, and Wealth Process"- Clearwater, FL, April - December 2014


Carey Stokes & Elsa Stokes  Munay-Ki The 9 Great Rites of Passage- Hollywood, FL, Oct 2014


Matt Kahn- Release from Judgement Conference, Portland, OR, Feb 2015


Mark Rawson can be contacted at email info@markarawson.com